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Dessert Menu


Custom Cupcakes or Cakes

(Choose Regular or Gluten-Free. Extra Charge for Sugar-Free)


Cake Flavor: Choose Chocolate or Vanilla as the base and choose a frosting.


Specialty Flavors:


Loganberry Jam

German Chocolate

Black Forest

Espresso Lovers

Banana Bread

Olive Oil with Basil Frosting

Coconut Rum



French Vanilla

Vanilla Bean

Light Chocolate

Dark Chocolate

Cookies and Cream


Matcha Green Tea





Peanut Butter





Cupcake Pricing

One Dozen 30 (sugar-free 42)

Two Dozen 54 (sugar-free 70)

Three Dozen 72 (sugar-free 88)

Four Dozen 96 (sugar-free 112)

Five Dozen 110 (sugar-free 126)


Cake Pricing

6” Round 24

8” Round 36

12” Round 48

Half-Sheet 48



Cookie Flavors*

(Choose regular or gluten-free. Extra charge for sugar-free.)


Chocolate Chip (with or without nuts)


Peanut Butter (Cannot be made nut-free)

Golden Apricot Oat (with or without nuts)

Vanilla Bean Sugar Cookies

Chocolate Mint Truffle (Cannot be made sugar-free)


Cookie Pricing

One Dozen 24 (Sugar-Free 36)


Cake Pops

(Choose regular or gluten-free. Extra charge for sugar-free.)


Dark Chocolate

Chocolate Covered Strawberry

Chocolate Peanut Butter

Chocolate Covered Espresso

Chocolate Peppermint

Lemon Green-Tea



Cake Pop Pricing

One Dozen 24 (Sugar-Free 36)



*About Loganberry Sweets*

All of our products are made with plant-based ingredients. We use as many organic ingredients as possible. We do not use soy, dairy or eggs in any of our products. We use nuts, but almost everything can be made nut-free on request. Our items are made in a shared kitchen that use gluten, soy and nut products. Our regular items are made with a blend of organic all-purpose and whole wheat flours. Our gluten-free items are made with almond flour, garbanzo flour and organic oats. Our frostings and cookies are made with organic powdered sugar and a blend of oil and shortening (coconut, palm, olive, sunflower, and grapeseed). Our sugar-free products are all made with erythitol.

We are willing to accommodate all dietary needs and special requests within our ability. For special requests outside of our normal offerings, extra pricing may apply.