Vegan Chipotle Sauce How-To


This is essentially a vegan mayonaise that you can flavor any way you want. I really love the gentle heat and smokiness that comes from powdered chipotle mixed with the creaminess of silken tofu. But you could easily turn the base of this into a classic ranch dressing by using dill and dried garlic or transform it into a sophisticated aioli with sundried tomatoes, fresh basil and olive oil.

The foundation of this sauce is silken tofu. I use a whole box for a recipe, but you could easily cut this in half. (This recipe makes a LOT of chipotle sauce.)


I buy this stuff by the case at Costco, so each box comes out to costing about 80 cents. In theory, you could chop it up as is and throw it into salads (as pictured on the box), but I have never actually done that. I mostly use this for the base of creamy vegan sauces (as is also pictured on the box).


I put the whole block of tofu right into the blender cup of the Nutribullet (once again, something you can get at Costco for a reasonable price. I think the whole Nutribullet set is on sale for about 70 bucks. A worthwhile investment if you make a lot of sauces and condiments from scratch.) You could use a regular blender for this step, too. I just like the convenience of the Nutribullet cups.

Process the tofu until smooth. It should be the consistency of a thick yogurt. Then add about 1 T. oil (I use a mild tasting one like grapeseed), 1 T. vinegar (I use apple cider vinegar) and a little salt and pepper. Then probably about 1 t. chipotle powder.


For this specific chipotle sauce, I add a whole roasted red pepper at this point. This is something I do out of convenience since I often have jars of roasted red peppers in my pantry. It adds color and a subtle sweetness, but it’s not totally necessary, so don’t go too much out of your way to use them if you don’t have them readily available. Just add a little more of everything else to taste.


Blend everything together. Adjust to taste. And there you go. Vegan Chipotle Sauce:


I like to pack it up into a squeeze bottle for extra convenience. These things are another good investment if you make a lot of your own sauces and dressings. (Label and date it in handwriting YOU can read…spelling apparently doesn’t matter…)


It should last for about a week in the fridge.


After packing up the sauce, rinse out the blender bowl with a little water and shake it up to make another sauce


Pour over dark leafy greens (a 16 oz package of Trader Joe’s organic kale in this pic)


Toss to coat and spread over a parchment or silpat lined baking sheet


Bake at 350 degrees for a total of about an hour, checking and turning every 10 minutes, until crunchy:


You now have chipotle kale chips.




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